What you need for the perfect nail service

Manicure is not only a way to care for your hands, but also an opportunity to express your individuality through nail design. To create a flawless manicure, it is important to have high-quality tools and materials on hand, which can be purchased on the KODI PROFESSIONAL website. In this article, we’ll look at the essential manicure products that will help you achieve professional results.

Basic Manicure Tools

Nail scissors and clippers

Nail scissors and clippers are indispensable tools for nail care. They are used to neatly trim and shape nails. High-quality scissors should be sharp and easy to use to avoid damage to the nail plate.

Files and buffers

Nail files help give your nails the desired shape and length. There are different types of nail files such as metal, glass and paper. Buffers are used to polish the nails and create a smooth surface, which is especially important before applying polish.

Orange sticks and pushers

Orange sticks and pushers are used to care for cuticles. They help gently push back the cuticle without damaging the skin around the nail. This is an important step to prepare your nail before applying polish or gel polish.

Materials for Manicure

Nail polishes

Nail polishes are one of the main elements of manicure. There is a huge variety of colors and textures of polishes that allow you to create a variety of nail designs. It is important to choose high-quality varnishes that apply evenly and last a long time.

Gel polishes and UV lamps

Gel polishes have become popular due to their durability and glossy finish. They require a UV lamp to apply, which helps harden the gel polish and extend its durability. Gel polishes allow you to enjoy a beautiful manicure for several weeks.

Nail and skin care products

For a healthy and beautiful manicure, you need to use nail and skin care products. These include cuticle oils, moisturizing hand and nail creams, and strengthening bases and finishes. These products help maintain the health of the nail plate and the skin around the nails.


The right choice of manicure products is the key to beautiful and well-groomed nails. Basic tools such as scissors, files and pushers, as well as quality polishes and gel polishes, will help you create a professional manicure even at home. Don’t forget also about nail and skin care products so that your hands always look healthy and well-groomed. Regular care and use of quality products will ensure long-lasting results and give your nails a radiant look.